UB Bookkeeping Services

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Welcome to Our Home Page!
Since its conception in 2004, UBBS has grown into a multi-faceted organisation providing additional services and products to our clients. A huge part of the company's success to date is due to the personal level of interaction we have with our clients.

UBBS also offer very competitive pricing, outstanding service, complimentary services and all of this is backed up by the internationally best selling financial software Quickbooks™

Why choose QuickBooks™? QuickBooks™ software helps you manage your business finances quickly, easily & accurately - with familiar forms, a built-in Audit Trail and step-by-step guidance when you need it Plus: access a full set of solutions to support your QuickBooks™ software and help your business succeed.

For more information on how we could assist you manage your finances better please visit our solutions page. There you will find information about our complete offering which is completely customisable to your specific individual needs

Quickbooks Registered reseller

Disclaimer: We are a registered Financial establishment