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Our Story:

UB Bookkeeping Services (UBBS) is a multi-faceted organisation providing many services and products to our clients.

An important ingredient in the company's success to date is the personal level of interaction and hands-on expertise we have with our clients.

UBBS has it's roots in basic bookkeeping and it's branches extending into advanced corporate financial systems and accounting.

All of our staff have first-hand experience with bookkeeping and Accounting allowing us to effectively mitigate work and quickly perform tasks.

Our Background:

UBBS was founded in 2004 by Ursula Barnard primarily providing bookkeeping and accounting services to small and medium sized companies and organisations.

The company quickly expanded to include product sales, consulting, training and associated services.

UBBS grew from the vision of the founder and owner Ursula Barnard. She build UBBS from the ground up.

Our Vision:

  • To deliver friendly personalised bookkeeping, accounting, payroll services and products to small/medium sized businesses.
  • To sustain our core service values while growing our customer base in areas of product sales, associated services, consulting and training.
  • To be one of the top QuickBooks and QuickPayroll resellers in the country.

Our Mission

  • To provide the best service, best advice and encourage business to get and keep all their tax affairs up to date.
  • To make sure the work we do is accurate and in accordance with tax laws.
  • To use QuickBooks and QuickPayroll to assist clients.

Corporate Values

  • Personalized, friendly customer service excellence
  • Results Driven
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Cost-effective business solutions
  • Care and commitment

So Why Choose UBBS?

We offer a personal service, care about your accounts and are very competitive with regard to pricing.

We specialize in QuickBooks and QuickPayroll and know the products very well and can help with any query or problem.

We have a large client base, but are not too big to give you the personal service you need.

We have experience in many different industries as our client base includes; builders, producers, shop owners, retailers, consultants, schools, project managers, recruitment agencies, manufacturers, insurance brokers and many more.

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UBBS is a Registered QBRN Buisiness Partner

Quickbooks Registered reseller